Cutting & styling

Creating the perfect look for you

Do you want to look elegant, modern, glamorous, traditional? Do you want your hair done specifically for a wedding, a party or another special event? We help you to choose from a variety of hairstyles, from the latest celebrity looks to international salon styles from around the world.

Matching your personal style

All styles will be matched to your face shape, age, and personal style requirements. Our stylists can produce a range of styles from casual, formal and alternative, in different lengths and hair textures.
A perfect look can be created for you that is unique and doesn’t compromise your individuality.

Keeping up with fashion

We keep tuned in. We know what style is on the catwalks; what the celebrities are wearing; and what style is being seen on the streets. We understand our clientele and make sure that we are keeping up-to-date with what women and men need to stay stylish and professional. We will find you the style your need to impress whether it involves straight, glossy strands, curls, updos, plaits or braids.

Styles that are easy to maintain

Easy to maintain styles are popular with people that don’t have extra time for their hair. Easy styles suit busy people because they are easy to maintain and easy to wear. We give you simple styles that look stunning (with just a little care and maintenance).


If you are someone who values a truly luxurious experience, healthy products and an individual style call us now for an appointment (02) 9818 2153.