Highlighting lightens your hair to emulate what the sun does naturally (if given the time). It gives a healthy natural look. The current fashion is Ombre, where your hair is darker near the crown and gradually lightens as it passes down past the eyes, lips and beyond. The free-hand technique used to achieve this is called balayage, which means to sweep in French, the motion we use to apply it.

Foil is often used to insulate the lightening product and speed up its processing in the least damaging way, hence the term foils. But foil is also used for low-lighting (darker sections used to accentuate adjacent high-lights) or on free-hand lightening.

Foil highlighting starts at $135 for a quarter-head (or crown) of short-hair to $300 for full-head of long hair. A half-head for medium length hair, as well as balayage, would cost around $190.

We also offer full-head lightening (formerly bleaching), from $185.

Upon consultation some naturally darker haired clients going lighter will require a toner.