Some tips for making gray hair look fabulous

Gray hair can look really good if it is stylishly cut and well looked after.

Many older women are wearing their hair gray including Hollywood stars, Jamie Lee Curtis and Diane Keaton, and folk singer, Emmylou Harris.

Here are some basic tips for gray hair:

1. Keep hair short during the transition

Keeping your hair short in the in-between period as you grow the colour out will lessen the contrast between silver and pigmented strands.

2. Try layering

Layers can camouflage multiple hues. We suggest a a choppy cut because it can look youthful and helps hide your roots.

3. Look contemporary

After your grey has grown out, don’t become conservative. Grey looks glamorous and attractive if it is cut in a contemporary style. Currently that would be an above-the-shoulder, layered style.

The lesson is picking the right hairstyle for gray hair—style is important and you can keep looking stylish and attractive.