Our talented team of colourists offer personal service. We use renewable, sustainable and cruelty-free products that provide performance, strength and longevity for every hair type. We also offer a range of colours that are ammonia, sulphate and paraben-free. We give you a look that matches your needs and your personal vision.

Balayage—the latest international style

Balayage is somewhat a misnomer. It is not actually a style in itself, but a freehand technique used  to colour the hair. The ‘Look’ most associated with it is called Ombré (shadow), where the hair is left darker at the scalp but lightens gradually down the hair shaft.  Balayage is French for sweep, which is the motion we use to apply the colour, as we sweep it on. This technique has slowly been developing for decades to now become the de rigour international style.  It is a versatile and low maintenance style with great variety depending on the client’s needs. It can be bold or subtle, introverted or extroverted but always stylish.

Semi permanent hair colour

Locks Hair offers a wide selection of semi-permanent hair colour glosses that last up to 30 shampoos. Semi-permanent colour is a gentler alternative to permanent colouring. The mildest colour rinse provides lustre and improves the depth of your hair, but will eventually fade away leaving no ‘demarcation line’ from the new regrowth.  Semi-permanent hair pigments only coat the outer hair shaft so are  milder than permanent hair colouring.

Permanent hair tint

Do you have silver or ‘wisdom’ hair coming through? Permanent hair colour, or Tinting, is designed to cover and conceal the natural colour of your hair.  As your new hair grows out, tint can be reapplied to this ‘regrowth’ and the existing tinted  hair can be refreshed with a gloss to give you a beautiful even result while maintaining healthy hair.


Getting highlights is a great way to give you hair life and depth. Varying the shades helps gives your hair that a very natural look, and can help to blend away any unwanted natural hair colour irregularities. Many of our guests have lowlights, the darker version of highlights – we can use dark to accentuate the light, we can emphasise the light over shadow, or balance the overall  hair colour.

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