Drapage Colorimetrique

Drapage Colorimetrique

What is your personal style?

What is your personal style?

Knowing what to wear, how to accessorise, how to style your hair and what makeup to use to look professional, elegant or just to feel good when casual are not easy. Many women have no idea what looks good on them.

Most women and men learn their personal style from trial and error. You develop a personal style based on your wardrobe and what is closest on your dressing table. Many people have much more potential if they get advice from a style expert.

Do you need help with your style?

Locks Hair offers a style service where we help you to develop your personal style. We help you find the combination of clothes, hair and makeup that gives you the image and style that suits your lifestyle, personally and professionally. We can also help you style for weddings and other events. There are many occasions when we need help such as job interviews, a formal or even a blind date.

We can help you evaluate your wardrobe, shop for new clothes or outfits or receive a full makeover.

How will better style help you?

People that feel comfortable with their appearance radiate confidence. Confidence generates compliments and makes you shine. There are many aspects to better style:

  • Treat your clothes as outfits that you can adapt from casual to formal
  • Make the most of your accessories by complementing your appearance
  • Select a few key pieces to use to create a range of outfits without being repetitious
  • Incorporate trends and fashion that are right for you
  • Identify colours that compliment your shape, colouring and best features
  • Discover how style can help you to make decisions about fashion

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