• How should you shampoo?

    Not how often, but how?

    It’s better to shampoo your hair twice, not once. This is because the surface (the cuticle) of each hair is scaled, like a fish. When you shampoo, this lifts, or opens up, the scales – that’s why your hair feels ‘rough’ or coarse after shampooing. But it’s actually the second shampoo that gets in and really cleans the inside of the hair. Conditioning then seals the hair; the scales are now closed and the hair feels smooth again.

    So if you’re going to shampoo your hair, you’re far better off doing two small back-to-back half shampoos than one big one. Try it – you’ll feel the difference immediately, and you needn’t use any more shampoo than you normally would.

    And please condition. Your hair may feel thicker if you don’t, but your hair will be ‘open’ still, filling with dirt, which defeats the purpose of shampooing in the first place. If you need volume, use a styling product or ask your stylist for professional advice.

    October 22 2015
  • Myths of hair growth

    In a recent article VOGUE looked at common myths about making your hair grow faster.

    VOGUE reluctantly admitted that getting a regular trim will not make your hair grow faster but it will make your hair healthier.  The rate at which our hair grows is genetically determined. Hair grows from the follicle so cutting the ends off does nothing to stimulate or encourage growth. So more regular visits to Locks Hair will not get you hair to grow faster.

    However, if you are aiming to grow your hair long  cancelling your standing appointment with Locks Hair will be detrimental. If you don’t manage split ends and they are left to decimate your hair, the breakage they cause will travel up the hair leaving it weak all the way along.

    VOGUE suggests that when you are trying to grow your hair you should visit your hairdresser (us?) every six to eight weeks because regular trims promote healthier hair. Healthier hair is the basis of getting longer hair and maintaining it.

    March 25 2015
  • Will pixelated hair go viral?

    Cosmopolitan UK has reported on a fashionable new style for those sick of the natural look. It is called the pixelated dye job.

    It creates a look than makes sections of hair appear like a pixelated computer screen using contrasting colours. Some have bright neon colours while others use their dark root shade.

    Buzzfeed explains that the technique is officially known as ‘xpresionpixel’.  They report it was created by hair colorists Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo, and Jorge Cancer at X-presion Creativos, and is catching on in London and New York.

    The reports are lifting many of the their images from Instagram. We have reposted this one from Laia Lae ().

    So if you are sick of high resolution hair maybe you should try the pixelated look. Do you think it will go viral?

    February 02 2015
  • The history of red lipstick

    Marie Claire magazine has run a great story on the history of red lipstick. Beautiful women all through the ages from Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe have used red lipstick for romance and appeal.

    Cleopatra VII would crush ants and carmine in a base of beeswax to color her lips a red shade.  However, we have been spoilt by the major beauty companies including Chanel, Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden, and Estée Lauder that started to manufacture and sell lipstick in the 20th century.

    Many celebrities have adopted red lipstick as their signature look, including Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift and Emma Stone.

    December 02 2014
  • Emma Stone goes cropped in Venice

    Vogue reports that Emma Stone has left her longer locks behind and gone for the short look. The actress debuted a fresh, cropped style at the opening night of the 2014 Venice Film Festival.

    Vogue predicted an influx of requests for ‘The Emma’. The bobbed or cropped look is all the rage in Europe and the US in their summer so we expect it to take off hugely here this summer. Our warmer weather and more casual life-style is perfect for shorter hair. We like it and would love to help you to get The Emma look.

    October 29 2014
  • Some tips for making gray hair look fabulous

    Gray hair can look really good if it is stylishly cut and well looked after.

    Many older women are wearing their hair gray including Hollywood stars, Jamie Lee Curtis and Diane Keaton, and folk singer, Emmylou Harris.

    Here are some basic tips for gray hair:

    1. Keep hair short during the transition

    Keeping your hair short in the in-between period as you grow the colour out will lessen the contrast between silver and pigmented strands.

    2. Try layering

    Layers can camouflage multiple hues. We suggest a a choppy cut because it can look youthful and helps hide your roots.

    3. Look contemporary

    After your grey has grown out, don’t become conservative. Grey looks glamorous and attractive if it is cut in a contemporary style. Currently that would be an above-the-shoulder, layered style.

    The lesson is picking the right hairstyle for gray hair—style is important and you can keep looking stylish and attractive.

    October 29 2014
  • 36 years of style and service at Locks Hair

    September is our birthday month and today 18 September marked the official Locks Birthday.

    36 years is an achievement for any business & we wouldn’t be here without each and every one of our clients. Di Gripton established Locks Hair back in 1978. Fashions were very different then but as we like to say style and service remain constant at Locks Hair.

    I would like to say a big Thank You to all of our clients for leaving your hair in our hands. Cheers from all of us at Locks.

    October 29 2014
  • KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Wash

    We are loving the new KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Wash. Customers are buying plenty and the feedback is good.

    KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Wash has been developed for normal to dry hair. It is infused with vitamin-rich Kakadu Plum and delivers an instant moisture boost to lacklustre locks. Hydrolysed silk extracts instantly smooth the surface, sealing in moisture to hair, while Vitamins A, E and C lock in that moisture to create that supermodel shine and a just-gotta-touch-it silky feel.

    October 29 2014